Deborah Faraone Mennella

Director / Scriptwriter / Researcher

I am an experienced all round television program maker, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My professional activities focus primarily on directing programs for various public and commercial Dutch broadcasters, as well as international channels including National Geographic and Discovery Channel. Besides directing, I enjoy developing new programs, often taking a project from the research phase, through to the finished product. My current focus lies particularly on human interest and cultural productions.

Born and raised in Italy, I was educated in the United Kingdom and France, before settling in the Netherlands, where I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master degree in Mass Communications.

Besides Europe, I lived in China, and have worked all over the world, which has allowed me to build an extensive international network. My ability to adapt and connect to a local culture quickly enables me to operate efficiently and effectively wherever I go.

My strength lies in storytelling, and making complex subject matter exciting for a larger audience. Strong photography and creative editing are prerogative to all my productions.

I work on commission, but my thirst for stories results in me developing my own productions, whether for television, internet or multimedia.